Pointer for this game?

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Pointer for this game?

Message par Jacobcullen » 22 févr. 2019 22:53

Hey guys!! I'm playing this game on a wii emulator for pc and wanted to know something... free netflix tech news is it totally neccessary to have the wii pointer for it? I dont have a bluetooth or usb sensor bar so i cant use it. Ive played 6 hours so far and havent need it. Thanks!

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Der 7e Schatten
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Re: Pointer for this game?

Message par Der 7e Schatten » 23 févr. 2019 11:32

Hey Jacobcullen!

If you're able to use the slingshot without the pointer, then I think you'll be alright for the rest of the game. It's better to have it to aim with some items (slingshot, bow or ball and chain) nevertheless...

... Wait, are you able to use the fishing rod without? It requires some precise movements...